A new year, an old habit.

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It really never was about the photography, or the camera, or the technique, etc.

The reason for taking up this habit people call “photography” was to collect my thoughts. Take with me moments, people, feelings to reflect on later. Try to figure out such diverging feelings as love or desperation. And somehow be supportive or build a course of action.

I’ve done it for years now. It’s an extension of who I am. The photos are my thoughts in prints – or “files” rather, nowadays.
They are part of me.

One of these images is below.
She has no parents, she leads a household and is one of the children forced to give up youth to help her siblings survive. Health, war, and poverty has stolen the childhood of so many Africans. (To help: Firelight Foundation)

Returning the ‘Luv’ with a Free Engagement Shoot!

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I had the pleasure of shooting 35 weddings in 2009. To celebrate that I am giving away a free Santa Cruz-based engagement session in 2010.

To be considered email me at joop@jooprubens.com and describe in not more than 35 words that particular moment when you knew your partner was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The most intriguing submission, wins a free 1,5 hour engagement shoot with me in Santa Cruz County. No strings attached. Your winning 35-word story will go up on my blog https://jooprubens.wordpress.com/ on my 40th Birthday February 28.

Submission deadline is February 15, 2010

January 31: Bridal Expo in Santa Cruz

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On January 31 I will be happily setting up shop at the Bridal Expo in Santa Cruz (Coconut Grove).

I live and breathe preparing for it right now and it’s all coming together nicely which is pretty exciting.
If you’re in Santa Cruz on January 31, please stop by the Coconut Grove and come say hi.

There is lots more info coming on the Expo, so stay tuned. But today I am sharing a sneak peak of a “bridal-expo-prep-piece”.
I admit my bias, but that logo looks in.cre.di.ble (of course, so do Austin and Sarah in the photo…)


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Pretty proud of the new logo.

Here is the artist behind it: Chris of cjdesign
Chris is fantastic to work with. He read my vision in 1-2 conversations and turned this around F.A.S.T.
OK, and it also helps that he’s very talented…

Austin & Sarah @ Aldos

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If you’re always moving forward, you risk losing your way back… Part 1

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The Unbearable Lightness of Building

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ULOB = The Unbearable Lightness of Building. The project for a friend.