Keri & Scott

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A different angle.

Weddings can be so inspiring.

Jennifer and B.J.

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I decided I’d stop reading all the news about war, terrorism, and Qur’an-burning threats – and instead post some images of love.


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It’s so disarming, the ease with which she goes through life. She cracks me up when I need it most. She rocks my world. My daughter Charlotte.

engagement session contest…

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So that was hard. Many couples sent in some really inspiring and funny stories.
I pledged to only select one and was most drawn to the humor in this one:

“Love at First Loss – When we first met, I went to Heather’s house for poker night. After losing everything to her, I realized this card-dealing girl was for me. And here we are, 3 years later, engaged with a son, Mason.” By Josh Jordan

So Josh Jordan and Heather Gray win a free engagement shoot! I look forward to working with you guys. Congratulations! Their photos will be on this blog, soon. Since there were so many great stories I felt compelled to mention at least a few others… The Honorable Mentions:

“He’s the one! There was no doubt in my heart that day I found Jim on life support following a sudden cardiac arrest. Often it’s the reminder of our mortality that gives us clarity.” Jessica Seibel

“The first time we kissed I saw our lives flash before my eyes, like when you almost die but it was the begining. Thats how I knew Jake was the one!” By Brittany Lund

“Gerald and I fell in love… I was his dispatcher and (he is a cop) I told him where to go and he liked it, he liked it so much he asked me out on a date and the rest is history” By Liz Carlin

People are so different. Our passions are so diverse. I get to photograph feelings, stories, tenderness. At 40 years old (!) I can write with certainty: It’s an amazing job. One of my favorite photographs of last year:


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It feels pretty good that my photo made the cover of the program for this year’s Bridal Expo in Santa Cruz!

Any visibility helps me get closer to my goals of course, but it’s also just an all out flattering experience to see your image on a cover.

The Bridal Expo: Please stop by this Sunday at the Coconut Grove.

I picked up a few copies of the program of course… See image below:
The amazing couple in the photo is Austin and Sarah.

Book A Wedding = Free Gym Enrollment!

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Couples often get overwhelmed in the months that lead up to the wedding.
Although they know that the togetherness of friends and family pretty much guarantees for a perfect day, many are burdened by a relentless quest for detail. The pressure can be tough.

When I get stressed out, I run, I go to the gym, lately I spin (seriously), I work out, etc. It helps me detox, it clears my mind and it gives me a jolt of energy right when I need it most.

Part of my job is to help couples feel good throughout the planning process, so I decided to talk to Cecile and Christophe Bellito. They own the best gym in town: Toadal Fitness. Cecile and Christophe are wonderful suckers for love and family, and consequently their gym is a stubborn alternative to the big impersonal health club. They both offered help:

Book your wedding photography with me in 2010 and enroll at the best gym in town for free!
Toadal Fitness is waiving its regular $99 enrollment fee. You’ll even get a welcome tour from Cecile herself. She’ll tell you how everything works.

And while we’re on the topic of family and de-stressing through activity… Below is a photo Laura took of me de-stressing with my beautiful daughter and the most stubborn, loving dog ever: Tsepo.

Bridal Expo Give-away

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The response so far has been incredible… some amazing stories!!
The Give-away is still open:

I had the pleasure of shooting 35 weddings in 2009. To celebrate that I am giving away a free Santa Cruz-based engagement session in 2010.

To be considered email me at and describe in not more than 35 words that particular moment when you knew your partner was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The most intriguing submission, wins a free 1,5 hour engagement shoot with me in Santa Cruz County. No strings attached. Your winning 35-word story will go up on my blog on my 40th Birthday February 28.

Submission deadline is February 15, 2010